Diocese Map

Eparchial Administration
  1. Eparchial Officials 
Vicar General  Rev. Fr. Sibi Cherussery
Chancellor & Secretary  Fr. Abraham Kolamkuzhyil

Rev Fr. Poly Payyappilly

2. Presbyteral Council  

1.    Very Rev. Fr. Sibi Cherussery

2.      Very Rev. Fr. Lona  CST

3.      Rev. Fr. Abraham Kolamkuzhy    

4.      Rev. Fr. Poly Payyappilly

5.      Rev. Fr. Benny Koikakudy    

6.      Rev. Fr. Sony Kalladanthiyil

7.      Rev. Fr. Gregory Kondakassery

8.      Rev. Fr. Sabu Poikathanickal

9.      Rev. Fr. Santhosh Cheruvally

10.  Rev. Fr. Baiju Mulavarickal

11.  Rev. Fr. Jaison Kunnappally

12.  Rev. Fr. Biju Pulinthanam

13.  Rev.Fr. Rinso Vadakkel

14.  Rev. Fr. Saji Paul CST

15.  Rev. Fr. Jaimon Appassery

16.  Rev. Fr. Benny Manjaly

17.  Rev. Fr. Jeejo Vazhappilly

18.  Rev. Fr. Jerom Paul


3. Eparchial College Of Consultors

1. Rev. Fr. Abraham Kolamkuzy

2. Rev. Fr. Poly Payyappilly

3. Rev. Fr. Benny Koikakudy

4. Rev. Fr. Sony Kalladanthiyil

5. Rev. Fr. Gregory Kondakassery

6. Rev. Fr. Sabu Poikathanickal

7. Rev. Fr. Jaison Kunnappally

8. Rev. Fr. Santhosh Cheruvally

4. Eparchial Finance Committee

1.      Rev. Fr. Abraham Kolamkuzhy

2.      Rev. Fr. Poly Payyappilly

3.      Rev. Fr. Joseph Kottukappally

4.      Rev. Fr. Benny Koikakudy

5.      Rev. Fr. Sabu Poikathanickal

6.      Rev. Fr. Jaimon Appassery

5. Eparchial Curia

1.      Rev. Fr. Siby Cherussery

2.      Rev. Fr. Abraham Kolamkuzhyil

3.      Rev.  Fr. Poly Payyappilly 

6. Advisory Committee For Constructions

Fr. James Parekudiyil
Fr. Jose Paul Thottumarickal CST
Fr. Sibi Cherusseril
Fr. Jacob Poikathanickal

6 Commissions and Directors
7 Managers of the Schools    <a href="http://www.biogas-info.co.uk/SITE.php" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#00000">fake watches uk</font></a></br>
8 Catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur Education Society
(Members of the Governing Body)
9 Purvanchal Gramin Seva Samiti (Pgss)
(Members of the Governing Body
10 Managing Committee - Fatima Hospital


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